Shantelle Canzanese

Shantelle Canzanese

Who is Shantelle Canzanese?

Shantelle Canzanese is a Toronto native who grew up to live out her dreams of being an entertainer. She has been in movies, TV, traveled the world, started a successful company, and now has even been on Colin’s Conversations Podcast!
I had the chance to have a terrific conversation with her in December of 2019. She responded to one of my social media posts looking for guests of the show. I learned a ton and hope that I managed to give her some helpful advice as well.
Shantelle was born and raised in Toronto, Canada but has managed through her career as a TV Host to visit many different places throughout the world. I learned that Shantelle has always expressed a love for acting, singing, and dancing. At the age of fifteen, she auditioned for Wexford C.I., a high school for the performing arts. There, Shantelle gained life-changing experiences that made her realize that acting was her calling.  After graduating with the drama award, she decided to turn her passion for acting into a career. She went on to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting at the University of Windsor to further her performance skills.

Since then, Shantelle has been working in film, television, hosting, theatre, print ads, voice-overs, web series and more. Her strengths in sketch, improv, and physical comedy make her a very unique talent. Speaking of improv, she is an improv instructor and has studied at the famed Second City Conservatory in Toronto.   She also studied with Lewis Baumander in Toronto and Toni Attell and Stephen Book in Los Angeles.

I would imagine that it was those improv skills that made her an ideal host for “Live Here, Buy This” on HGTV. It was a show where couples who were looking for a house would tell the show their budget, where they thought would be a great place to live both locally and Shantelle Canzaneseabroad, and the show would go find what their money could get them around the world.

Shantelle also told me that life started to imitate art. After working on the Real Estate show, she flipped her first income property already and hopes to do more.

When Shantelle is not busy having fun in front of the camera, she’s playing the role of professional makeup artist and owner of Flawless By Design,  a mobile, makeup, and hair agency.

If all of that was not enough, she is also currently working on her dating vlog, “Modern Dating Sucks” after many people telling her that she has to share some of her crazy stories and insights on the dating world.

She has an episode talking about a guy who went out with her and ordered a ton of alcohol and food at a high-end bar and when the bill came, “he remembered he didn’t have his wallet with him”.

Spoiler Alert: He thought he could get a second date after that!

Wrap up:

It is really misfortunate that I tried out a new recording software for this episode after hearing great reviews. It did pick up good audio and that is the most important piece, but the show must go on!

Shantelle knows how to talk to people and how to convey her thoughts incredibly well. We talked for almost two hours, well after I was done with interview questions. I think that there should be more entrepreneurs like Shantelle. She knew she wanted to be in the film industry and she learned as many aspects of that industry as possible to keep her name relevant and her bills paid.

Because of following her passion, it has taken her all over the world and she has an abundance of knowledge about all things show business. If you made it this far in the article, you already know about her or you are going to do some more research on her. Take some time and pull up her Youtube Channel and I will link to as many of her projects below as possible.

Thank you to all who tuned in as well as to the wonderful, Shantelle Canzanese for your time!

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