We are living through a time like never before. A time where the government doesn’t want you to go make money and pay taxes, but they want you to stay home and medical professionals urge you to “Binge Watch Netflix”. Incase Netflix isn’t your thing and you are more into Youtube, I want to introduce you to one of my favorite channels on Youtube, Skeleton Stewdios.

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Skeleton Stewdios is a Youtube Channel as well as one of the best video production companies that you can hire. The guys behind Skeleton Stewdios are Sam Skelton and Mark Stewart. After meeting in a class in high school the two quickly bonded and became best friends and later business partners.

I almost always advise people to not go into business partnerships, but these two seem to have it figured out. The both enjoy adventuring, snowboarding, skateboarding, and have a deep passion and understanding of film making. They use the business to fuel their adventures and have become masters of adventure vlogging and drone filming.

Skeleton Stewdios is a big kids paradise.

I’ve met Mark and Sam a few times at different functions hosted by our mutual friend, Skuff Micksun but this was my first time ever seeing their offices. Their studio is in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio in a building that looks from the outside to be abandoned. I’ve gone past this building 100s of times in my life and never thought anything of it.

It is a massive brick warehouse that upon entering I was surprised to see an elevator operator who is like the gatekeeper to the building.
To tell a full, true story, I have to include that I originally went in the wrong door of the building and there was an elevator guy there too who told me I was in the wrong place and directed me to the second elevator man I’d meet that day.

Once I found the right place, got up to the right floor, I was met by Mark who welcomed me into the studio. He called down to Sam who went to the loading docks looking for me while I went on my Downtown Elevator Adventure.

They gave me a tour of their labyrinth lair which has areas with different color backdrops for photo/video work, more camera equipment than most camera stores, an area for their skateboards, and so much more.

I consider the Skeleton Stewdios to be the ultimate “treehouse” for creatives. They can create so many different scenes and types of content without ever even needing to leave their office!

Skeleton Stewdios Knows how to adventure.

When they do decide to leave the office, these guys are going all over the country exploring and documenting their journey as well as making content for their customers. Scrolling through their videos you will see them gliding down mountains, backflipping off cliffs, documenting free climbing adventures, and more.

No matter the subject of their content, it is always very well presented and edited to keep your attention. They not only do a great job of filming their subject but also finding the right music and transitions to really showcase their story.

The Wrap Up

It was a great time visiting the studio and learning about the guys and all that they do. I could not have asked for more welcoming hosts. I typically record episodes in my home but when they offered to film at their place I jumped at the opportunity.

They set up a terrific set, used thousands of dollars of their own gear to help me get different angles, and even sent me home with tips on how to edit it all together. Also a special thanks to Mark who got up like 35 times in the interview to fix the camera and other issues.

Sam and Mark are certainly two guys I look up to as content creators and look forward to all the content they are working on and hope to have them on the show again soon!