Episode 27: Skuff Micksun

Episode 27: Skuff Micksun

The simplest way to describe Skuff Micksun is a guy who is devoted to creating and expressing himself in any way possible. He is best known for his music, but is also a painter, draws, tattoos, and more.

I was introduced to him through my wife when they worked together. One day I was mentioning how I was struggling to find any really interesting guests for the podcast and she suggested I talk to this “guy who does music”.

After she told me about him, I did a quick social media search, listened to a few songs and reached out immediately.

He makes truly original music that is well thought out, unique sound, and suitable for all ages. Whether you have kids, friends, or grandparents in your car and a Skuff song comes on, you don’t have to worry.

After listening to a few songs you can tell he uses his music as a form of therapy and true expression. Then a few more songs and you will probably be a life long fan!

Since his appearance on the show, he has been influential in making a lot of the episodes happen. Skuff has introduced me to:

The Music

It is hard to put a label on his music when pressed, he called it Alternative. What makes it hard to define his music is he is able to go into any genre he wants and does a damn good job with it. Some songs that he has with TyC sound like the Pop music you would hear on the radio. His DirtyBackPack songs show off his talent as a rapper and show off a bit more of a sinister form of writing. Then you have songs like Felon, which he gets almost a Blues vibe.

He told me and others have mentioned that he sees music as colors and when he is making a song, if the colors don’t align, it isn’t right. That is such a cool concept that I have heard many who are talented musicians say. I do not have that gift. The gift I do have is knowing good stuff when I hear it, and 90% of his songs are on my all-time best lists.

The Videos

Skuff sets himself apart from other musicians not only by his songwriting abilities, but his music videos are phenomenal. Songs like Slowly where he filmed at his house and a local ice cream parlor plays as if they were big-budget movies.

He has also done some great work with green screens, incorporating live tarantulas, and even held a flaming newspaper for a video.

When Skuff says that he has a video coming out, you know you are in for something of epic proportions.

Wrap Up

Skuff Micksun has been a huge part of the show since his interview, was a joy to talk to, and someone I am glad to have met and genuinely call a friend. If you listen to every song on his iTunes or Spotify, I assure you there will be at least something that you will want to save to your collection or put on repeat for a while.

He makes quality music that is suitable for all ages. 99% of his music I would be comfortable playing with my grandma in the car. He is one of the few that can not curse in a song and still be super cool.

I encourage you to watch all the videos in this article, subscribe to him on your music apps, and reach out to him if you need anything creative done!

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title=”Skuff TV” playlist_yt=”EAk-p-VET0w,e52P8gn12W8,41OAnSpowMc,skhFrQjl20U,pwxQbKRfe88,zO2TOsgrces,E-CzkfXAIdA,2K6kbLbpvyE,UrSveSIznuw,hlk4lYTiXlg,-tLH3IY3l8Q” playlist_auto_play=”0″]

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