Will Cherry

Name: Will Cherry Hometown: Elyria, Ohio Area of Expertise: Music Company or Personal Brand info: Artist and producer, founder of an independent record label. Origin Story: Around 12 years old, I started making music and writing screenplays. Over the years, I’ve worked on a lot of music and gained relationships producing for others, and focused…

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Episode 60: Duby Rodgers

Duby Rodgers is a Cleveland recording artist who I hope to introduce more people to! We sat down and talked about so many things, one of them being the inside story on every song on his project, Duby Music. There is as TON of name dropping in this episode of people to be on the…

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Autumn: @falls_singer

Autumn is a talented singer with an incredible support system behind her. She reached out to me with interest of being on the podcast and within an hour or so of posting her video to be on the show, there were 40 comments telling me why Autumn should be on the show! View this post…

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Roxanne San Jose

Roxanne San Jose is the author of Time Travel. Originally born in the Philippines and moved to Las Vegas as a teenager. She has a degree in Political Science from UNLV originally planning to go into Immigration Law. Self-published Anagram in 2013.     If you would like to find Roxanne San Jose Online, follow…

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