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Who is J-Work?


J-Work loves music to its core. Whether he is making his own, or listening to his favorite artist, Kid Cudi, music is a daily part of his life.


Though his raps may be boastful, J-Work is extremely grounded and thankful for all he has, and those in his inner circle.

Cleveland Super Fan

No matter the sport, if there is a Cleveland team, J-Work is rooting for it. He loves his hometown and supports it every way he can.

lives to perform

J-Work told me he feels most alive when he is on stage. It is his chance to let his music come to life and he looks to do it as often as possible.

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Some podcasts charge people to be a guest. I think that is crazy but I totally understand it. I spend more than 10 hours a week to produce the show, its clips, and promotions. To help keep the show going and growing, guests give me permission to use their likeness or my photography to create exclusive products that support the show!

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