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Tuke Lenkku

tuke lenkku


Tuke Lenkku Portrait

Who is tuke lenkku?


He has been writing and recording his rhymes since he was in high school and is motivated to continually grow his music knowledge as well as collaborate with as many great minds as possible.


Tuke has a podcast called Sleepless Radio where he has two artists greatest hits against each other.

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Recording Artist

Who is peso?


Peso is best known for his music which is his own unique style of rap.


His creativity doesn't stop with music, he also loves to create paintings among other artistic mediums.


As it does with many people, becoming a dad changed his whole world. His daily routine, his music process, and life in general has all changed for the better since becoming a dad.

Film enthusiast

Peso loves to watch, create, and talk about films. Everything about the film experience really captures Peso's passion.

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Exclusive Merch

Some podcasts charge people to be a guest. I think that is crazy but I totally understand it. I spend more than 10 hours a week to produce the show, its clips, and promotions. To help keep the show going and growing, guests give me permission to use their likeness or my photography to create exclusive products that support the show!

  • 50% of profits go towards ads to promote this guest.
  • 50% of profits go towards the costs of the show.
  • 100% of the merch goes to the best fans out there!
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