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skuff micksun

Skuff Micksun & Blokhead Johnny – A Little Less Bad

Colin’s Conversations Recommendation:

A Little Less Bad

Skuff Micksun & Blockhead Johnny

Colin's Review

The beat is simple but very catchy. I believe it was made by Blokhead Johnny, true podcast fans would know I use his beats in a lot of promo clips.
I think Skuff Micksun is a terrific song writer and Blokhead is a great rapper so the two of them get together, I totally approve of what they came up with. They do a great balance of making real life have a catchy tune.
The song sounds good on all devices and you can tell that the two guys spent a year perfecting this song and the others on the EP.

Overall Score:

5 out of 5

I am a big fan of both artists on the song and think that their talents blend really well together. I think the song is original, catchy, and love the simplicity of the video. These two are masters at turning out top lelvel quality from a basement studio. I can’t wait for more music from them both individually as well as together.

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