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stories told

Ashley Greathouse

Ashley Greathouse

Expert of all things Spooky

Ashley Greathouse

Who is Ashley Greathouse?


Ashley is best known for being an author. She specializes in spooky short stories, links to which you can find below.


I am so glad that Ashley took my advice to start a podcast! She started a show called Encounters with Darkness a while back and the show just keeps getting better.

Paranormal Expert

Expert I guess is a loose term, but she knows more about most paranormal things than most people, so I award her the Expert Degree.

Coffee Enthusiast

Some people LOVE coffee, then there is Ashley Greathouse... If you want to be her friend buy her book and give her coffee and you will be best friends for life.

Social Media personality

Ashley does a great job making content for social media. Her TikTok is something you must find and she is always a pleasure to see in my IG and Facebook feed.


I left this one for last, but she will be the first to tell you that it is her most prized title. Somehow after doing all that she does in her day she still has time to be a kick ass mom... Oh yeah, that's why she loves coffee!

Where to find ashley greathouse online:

Lily by Ashley Greathouse


For over a decade Lily Green has terrorized the United States. Like a monster, she seemed to be everywhere and yet nowhere. Until one day, when her killing spree suddenly stopped. Where could she be...

Stories Told - Ashley Greathouse

Stories Told

A witch so powerful she could destroy the world with just a wave of her hand, secrets so dark that they could really kill a friendship, and a mother....

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