Text Me Back by Jamil and the Show

Text Me Back is a song that every teenager can relate to. A song of rejection, hope, and insecurity. The horns, in the beginning, got my attention, I love the sound of horns.

As I have mentioned in other reviews, I am a big fan of how Jamil can change the tempo, break into harmony, or add a bit of humor to break up a song and keep your attention.

Text Me Back as with every other of Jamil’s songs, has a completely unique to his music sound to it.

I really enjoyed sitting down and talking with Jamil & the Show about all of the behind the scenes stories for an episode of Discography Discussions which you can find below.

The more I listen and talk with Jamil I am enamored by his passion for what the does. He isn’t out for accolades or wealth, just fully immersed in the pursuit of creating quality music and creating long-lasting connections with fans and other entertainers.

I would love to know what you think of the song, the footage from both the full interview and the Discography Discussion, and of Jamil as an artist. Send me a message or reach out on social media!

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