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Skuff Micksun

Colin's Review

This song doesn't have a "beat" per se, but there is a piano in the background which is played by Skuff Micksun that plays beautifully behind the song's lyrics. It's simple but helps narrate the story perfectly. Beat - 5/5
Skuff Micksun is a master songwriter so it is no surprise that this song ranks high for lyrics. I feel like this song is made for a musical but a whole cast couldn't do the song the justice that Skuff Micksun's original voice ( and background Skuff's) does.
Lyrics - 5/5
This track was produced by TyC and he and Skuff Miicksun come out with epic music every time they work together. I always say having a song produced by TyC makes it really hard to live up to the recorded version any time you perform it. Production -5/5

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