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Introducing Nelson Perron


Nelson Perron


We recorded this in the Colin’s Conversations Studio. There were some recording issues that made some of the footage unusable but I think the episode still came out well.


The biggest highlight for me was just to get to know Nelson a little. He was talked about highly to me by a few people I think of highly of so I wanted to be able to meet him.

Take Away

Nelson not only loves to learn how to perfect his musical craft but is equally interested in learning how to market and get his music in front of as many people as possible.

Full Interview

Who is Nelson Perron?

Nelson is a 24 year old hip hop artist from Cleveland, Ohio. He is a member of Nvasion Records, a name you might recognize if you saw the Adi Rei or Curly Chuck interviews. For someone who loves to perform for crowds he is a self described home body, father, and die hard Clevelander.

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