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How Did You Get Started in Music?

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  • 2020
  • PG-13

In this clip from my full conversation with the Cleveland rapper Peso, we uncover how he got started making music.

I asked Peso if music had always been his language of communication and if it was a lifelong passion or a more recent passion.


  • “Honestly when I was a kid yeah like just falling in love with music um I always had like just kind of like a passion for music I always loved it I always felt like it was something I connected with.”
  • “Maybe like eighth grade or my freshman year I remember buying like a shitty $150 mic, $100 mic maybe even less and just ripping beats off youtube and recording and stuff it was never some like early on it was never something like I took super serious it was just something I loved to do.”

In Ashtabula, there was like a little rap scene bubbling up. Ashtabula has always been known for like their post hardcore scene like we really had like a dope punk and post hardcore scene like kids putting money together to buy like run down spaces like we had this space called west end and uh these um two dudes from this band uh damn i can’t think the name off top uh they ended up buying that space and hosting free metal shows and post hardcore shows and we had like a little rap scene bubbling up like a bunch of kids that were at different high schools and like we had like the quote-unquote OGs who kind of like were like the main ones of the rap scene and uh yeah just i remember one time linking up with all everybody in the city at taco bell we were trying to plan like a cipher and stuff it was cool like back then it was cool it was definitely it’s definitely something i think about all the time because i’m like damn like um you know i wish like a lot of them people don’t even do it no more i wish like they would have kept with it because it was just cool like being young like 14 15 like there was this little scene that was starting to bubble up and um and then yeah like when i turned 18 i came out here i moved here after I graduated and the first couple months i was living here i wasn’t really thinking about music because i was going to cleveland state I was trying to you know take that serious because i didn’t think music or like art and films and stuff were like something i could really do i didn’t think it was possible i didn’t know anybody out here that could link me up to anybody else to start doing that so um but the first day i ended up meeting this kid tristan he was a producer he had like a studio set up in his dorm room and uh i would link with him all the time and just kind of sit watch him make beats kind of you know pitch ideas or whatever on beats and i ended up telling him after a while like months like oh yeah by the way like i i rap a little bit you know i rap a little bit and he’s like oh [ __ ] you rap man he’s like i’ve been trying to find someone to rap on on my beats or whatever and then um yeah so i just started rapping on his beats and uh i tried to put it like a project together i i put a project like it was my first project but i don’t really count it because i was still like dabbling in what i was doing but uh we ended up uh finding seth’s music on soundcloud and we [ __ ] with it and we sent him some records that i did and he liked them and uh he had reached out i reached out to him to get a feature on that project and he uh hit me back and was like man you should you should join this you should join feed the people or whatever and uh yeah the rest is history i ended up um tristan ended up moving to la and uh i ended up moving back to ash to be a little from cleveland for a couple months and um i was couch hopping from like august to november so i was like i had like i had like a routine so like sunday i’d go get clothes from actually i packed like a big bag of clothes and then uh the girl i was talking to at the time i’d stay at her house with her cousin and then uh if nobody was gonna be there i didn’t feel comfortable staying there by myself so if nobody was there i’d go to my cousin’s house in lakewood or my homie Alex’s house in lakewood or i’d go to um chagrin and drive all the uber out there and stay there and then have to uber back to north homestead that’s where she was staying and then you know i was doing that until i ended up getting my first apartment and i was able to link with everybody all the time”

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