Whitney is Jamil’s favorite song to sing and probably one of my favorites from the project. I was very surprised to learn during my time talking with him that the song is a love song, but also heavily about Pokemon. 

I was also happily surprised during the first verse when Jamil just starts singing out of nowhere. Normally that would ruin the vibe of a song, but he hits all the right notes at all the right times. When he goes to hit the high notes, it seems very natural to him. Unlike when a lot of rappers try to sing, it doesn’t feel like there are a ton of effects on his voice. It just sounds like Jamil having a ton of fun with a song.

Whitney isn’t the most lyrical song for a “rapper”, but the basic beat, the changing melodies for the verses, hooks, and bridge keep your head swinging and ready to see where Jamil might take the song.

Memorable lines from Whitney:

  • I’ve been training all my life just waiting for this moment (Squad!)
    I was bugging yesterday, I just needed a morning

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