About The Show

Colin’s Conversations was created to give creators a platform to share their experiences, promote their platforms, all while teaching and inspiring other creators. All of my interview guests are from the following categories:


It is always interesting to learn more about artists' processes, the meanings behind their work, and how they learn to turn their passions into profits.


Educators make great guests because they are fluent at presenting ideas in ways that are interesting as well as easy to understand.


We all want to become rich being our own boss, so why not learn about those who are already doing just that. I also love being able to bring awareeness to local shops.

How did the podcast begin?

In 2018 I left my career as a landscape company owner/operator to start a new venture. After playing with a few ideas I settled on a freelance digital marketing venture to help musicians, authors, and small businesses with limited budgets get the marketing they needed to grow their business.

Shortly after I got what is now known as Colin Can Help off the ground, I began developing a content plan. I had no experience in broadcasting, but I saw great potential in podcasting to create content, create networking connections, and learn new skills. The show was originally called The Colin Can Help Podcast but after a few people remarked that it was long and hard to say,
Colin’s Conversations was born!