Now I Know Explained

I talk to Jamil & the Show about his song Now I Know from his album Beautiful.

Notable Parts:

  • Jamil wanted Now I Know to be a birds-eye view of him and his friends talking about relationships.
  • Some of the most fun making this song of any other on the album.
  • The conversation pieces were performed by his friend D Swift.
  • There is no $5.99 Spot, it is a fictional place.




00:00 Jamil – Yeah it was a ton of fun to make it’s probably… I probably had them some of the most fun making that song for sure.
00:10: [Music]
00:18 Jamil – So Now I Know, it’s kind of a parody. Almost a little bit so if you think about what I wanted to convey was me and my friends just talking about life specifically talking about relationships. So I wanted to give you kind of like an inside look of knowing me and my boys, get together you know what’s it like “you know oh she’s bro she said she loved me” he said she want me not on the man you know what I mean. We’re going back and
forth but then I kind of wanted to pick on that a little bit so that’s why you
have a lot of it’s almost like fake posturing. You don’t see have the,
you know girl I see what you see like I don’t talk like that you know but it just it. I wanted it to be funny and kind of theatrical and so I have my boy D Swift we do the conversations at the beginning and then towards the end and  it’s the same thing you know it’s just that’s that’s my real life friend that’s kind of how we go back and forth.
01:19 Colin – So I think people might be sad with the answer to this one but for the fans of this song where can they find the $5.99 spot. 
01:26 Jamil – Yeah, so I’m sure there is a $5.99 spot but I have to say there was no
specific $5.99 spot. We freestyled those conversations and there’s a bunch of those so I look out for more with that song because we do have more plans for that song but we
freestyle maybe five or six of those and I took two to put on the final song and one of those ones I talked about the 599 joint where I got this the two before so like that but it’s not there’s no single place there are places that I’ve been on dates with good deals where I did feel like I was balling out of control but there was no $5.99 joint.

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