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About the Episode:

Who is in the clip?

This clip features Duby Rodgers and Colin Ross.

Key Points:

The title says it all. This isn’t made to be a song to over think, just something simple and fun to listen to and sing along.

Publishing Info:

Originally Published on Youtube, Jun 5, 2020. This clip was never made into an audio version due to its shortness.

Find the Original Song:

This is an easy song to find. At the time of this article it was available on all of the major music sites as well as

Simple Lyrics:

SnapBack like 2013, this is the vision.
Professor Duby here to teach a lesson, pay attention.
Cut the tension with a ginsu knife or a katana
Ain’t gotta rock designer just to mingle with Rihanna.
Your honor, I’m here to save the game, let’s lock these vultures up.
Catching dead bodies like I’m Cooper Kupp
What sucs is I’m the underrated, always faded
Closest MC alivie to being the greatest, I just hit the pavement
100 miles I’m running and dumping like Walter Payton
Devastatingly smooth and innovating I grab the microphone and take credit like Mr. Satan
I’m just hating on these new school niggas, ran out of patience
How you making wack shit these people act like they want
When all they need is 808s, Duby Rodgers, and a blunt
Don’t stunt, cause real soon I’ll drop a classic on ya head
Tearing rappers limb from limb done made my pad of paper red
As the dot before a headshot, got so much on my mind instead of shaving my head I grew some locs
Now they gotta watch, Mr. Rodgers boy I’m a problem Pacifist to the core but rappers I crucify em
Like the ones who say L’Chaim, see my limits, defy em
Arriving at the doorstep of the throne, blunt in hand you can call me your highness
You got soul you should like this Boom bap meets cool rap, ain’t seen nobody like it, hey

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