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You Ever Been So Happy You Cried?


Colin's Review

The beats and production on this project are great. There are a wide variety of sounds ranging from trap hip hop, old school scratching, upbeat house music, and even a bit of rock and roll. All of the beats are unique and I really enjoyed them.
I think the lyrics and melodies are simple but many of the songs have great messages and blend to the beats well. I also like how he was able to make such positive messages sound appealing and easily embraced. So while I wouldn't call this a lyrical rap album, the song writing and messages are good.
I enjoyed the beats and all of the songs sounded good in my headphones. I like that he explored different producers as well as produced a majority of the tracks himself showing his versatility of artistry and using production tools.

Overall Score

3 / 5

I rate this project a solid 3 out of 5.

There is really nothing wrong with this project but I don’t think I will be adding it into my regular rotation. When I was listening to it I instantly thought of BdotJeff and Jamil & the Show as people who would be great collaborators as they also have the ability to make multi-genre projects with a unique sound.

Even though I wasn’t in love with Have You Ever Been So Happy You Cried, I will be on the lookout for other releases from TooReel2BFake. I hope he keeps making songs with a positive message and continues to refine his craft.

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