Who is Adi Rei?

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In this clip from my full interview with Curly Chuck he tellls us all about the head of Nvasion Records, Adi Rei.


Right. How’d you meet them and tell us about them. Adi Rei means sound God and Latin. So that perfectly describes him because that dude could do everything, man. But if you need something done, you could come to him. Like he could sing rap, produce engineer. Good as fuck. Like. He lives, he lives up to that name a hundred percent.
So there that’s my fucking brother and he, uh, he real stylish too. We always got cool fucking shirts and shit. That’s my dude though. He’s a, he’s a, he’s a great person we are doing well. Uh, they like engineered together. So I knew, well before I knew it, this was before I was even calling him out and he was just Zack.
I was trying to get some studio time where will, when he was like booked up or whatever. So he was like, just go to my dude’s Zack or whatever. I’m like, all right. That’s cool. So I went. The report up on the, by myself, just me and him. We did the song and the vibe was cool. I fucked with it. It was like real good.
He know what he was doing. And.

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